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Ozark Worm Farms is a family-owned worm farm in Searcy, Arkansas.  We help gardeners on any scale become more environmentally conscious through the use of worm castings, vermicompost tea, and sustainable practices.  Our specialty is in the production of worm castings and the sale of red wiggler worms. 

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About Ozark Worm Farm

We first got into worm farming at the beginning of the COVID pandemic as a pastime. We are both nurses by profession and we used worm farming as something else to help cope with all of the chaos. Heath heard about worm farming from some videos he watched and thought we should try it out. We started with a small batch of 125 red wiggler worms in a homemade worm bin and expanded up from there with that original stock.


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What is Vermicast?


Also known as worm compost, it is the waste that the worms excrete as materials move through their digestive tract. While your kitchen scraps or other organic materials are sitting in your worm bin, the worms are steadily making a rich soil from their waste.

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“Worms arrived and were healthy and packaged very professionally and shipping was quick and efficient. Will definitely buy from this company again!”

by Chris Flynt