Why Raise Worms?: Potential Uses for Worms and Sales Opportunities for Farmers

When I tell people that I’m a worm farmer, I pretty much get one of three reactions.  Either people look at me sort of funny and think up movie lines to quote (you know the one I’m talking about), people seem interested and ask more questions, or people get downright excited. 

Our Take On The Worm Business

Maybe you are the person that thinks it’s weird and thinks of ways to make a wisecrack.  If that’s you that’s okay. I get it. Worm farming can seem like a strange thing. There are so many “normal” things to raise that something like worms seems sort of out of the box.  Plus, many people think of worms as being wiggly and gross.  But worms actually have so many benefits.

Nothing else that i can think of (except maybe black soldier fly larvae… more on that later) has the potential to take waste and turn it into something absolutely beneficial for your garden. 

the saying “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”

makes sense with worm farming. Worms take old food, waste, old paper, and many other materials that would just be put in your garbage bin otherwise – and turn it into something in my opinion better than most fertilizers on the market for your garden.

Do You See the Potential?

Perhaps you’re the person that sees the potential in worm farming, but just don’t have a developed understanding of how worm farming works. You may ask yourself where do i begin? Keep following us along in our journey (check out our YouTube channel) and see the ways that worms can make all the difference. We’re honored that we have an audience with you and can hopefully persuade you to get some worms of your own and give it a try. 

Don’t have a worm bin yet? We’ve got a solution you can do by yourself at home with materials you probably already have.

Maybe you’re a person that’s seen all the recent buzz on YouTube or other areas of the web and you get the vision.  You see the potential financially.  You see the potential benefits for the planet.  You know how bad the methane emissions created by food waste are for the planet.  You see the ways activities like composting, worm farming, and regenerative agriculture can help, and it excites you. You can’t wait to get on board with something that helps the planet like this.  

No matter which reaction you might have related to worm farming, this article will hopefully will shed some light on the ways the worm farming industry is growing, and will continue to take off in the future in big ways.

We Believe Worms Can Change the World

  • Worm castings for gardens. Soil amendment potential for agricultural application. Selling worm castings on your own. 
  • Cost effective waste management options
  • Reduction in fertilizer costs for greenhouses
    • Fertilizer isn’t getting any cheaper
  • Alternatives for restaurants to manage their waste.
  • For homesteaders. Keep the energy recycling!
    • (Feed your waste to your worms, feed the worms to your chickens and pets, feed other plant waste to your worms and the castings to the plants.)
  • Pet food for those that have lizards, or iguanas. Turtles. Etc. worms can make an affordable alternative to buying expensive pet food. 

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