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My name is Heath LaFavers. On behalf of my family, I’d like to welcome you to our website.

We are family interested in the ways that worms can help make an impact in the world around us. Whether its simply finding better solutions of managing food waste or helping grow an awareness for the health of the soil beneath your feet, we hope you find useful content here.

Some of you may be new to our site. Welcome! We hope you find useful content here for all your worm needs!

We started this journey at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and have grown what was once a hobby into a family business. We farm worms, yes worms, for horticulture uses and for fishing bait. We strive to be the most reliable online supplier of worms in Arkansas. It’s what we do! We are proud to ship our Arkansas red wiggler fishing worms and composting worms all over the continental United States.

There are a number of benefits that worms provide to your garden. See our post about the benefits of vermicast for more information. We hope that you will keep coming back for more content as we continue to update our site and as the family business grows.

Along the way, we have found that there are not many people doing what we do in our area. Because of this, we have found support along the way through becoming members of the worm farming alliance. This is a group of professionals dedicated to worm farming. Many of the biggest names in the industry are members of the WFA. They often share their tips for growing the best worms. We have found it most helpful in perfecting our craft to reach out to these skilled people along the way as we have developed our business. If you are interested in farming worms as a serious hobbyist or for worm growing on a commercial scale they are the people you need to know.  This group is for people who are serious about diving into worm farming and are committed to learning all they can to perfect the craft. For more information about the worm farming alliance click here


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    1. I am a master gardener in Van Buren county. Our plant sale is May 7 at Ed Leamon park in Fairfield Bay. We would like a vendor to sell and educate our gardeners about worms and castings and their benefit to flower and vegetable gardens. Contact Kathi Owens 501-206-4207. Thank you for your help.

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