Packed with essential nutrients, beneficial microbes, and enzymes, our worm castings promote vigorous plant growth and increased disease resistance. Unlock the secret to thriving gardens and sustainable agriculture with our premium worm castings.

There are so many uses for composting worms. The breed we are most famous for is the red wiggler, also known as Eisenia fetida. These worms are a hardy worm perfect for a number of uses. 

The many uses for our worms include: 

Fishing Bait. Buy directly from us each time or purchase a worm kit to grow your own supply of fishing bait for yourself. Red wigglers are approximately 3-4 inches long but they are known to stay alive on the hook a long time and unlike nightcrawlers they do not need to be refrigerated. 
Agricultural waste management and processing (turn manure and other animal byproducts into rich material for further use)
Production of vermicast for personal use. Take your old kitchen waste and convert it into rich soil to use at home.