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about us

about Ozark Worm Farms

Hi there! We are Heath and Erin LaFavers.

We first got into worm farming at the beginning of the COVID pandemic as a pastime. We are both nurses by profession and we used worm farming as something else to help cope with all of the chaos. Heath heard about worm farming from some videos he watched and thought we should try it out. We started with a small batch of 125 red wiggler worms in a homemade worm bin and expanded up from there with that original stock.

We have now grown what began as a hobby into a family-owned business! Whether it is improving your own garden soil, feeding your pets, using our worms for fishing, or whatever the use we’d love to show you the benefits of our amazing worms.


founded in 2020

We are the fastest growing worm farm in Arkansas. We specialize in the sale of high quality worm castings and red wiggler worms.

We are a family worm farm based out of Searcy, Arkansas. We specialize in the production of worms and worm castings for gardening use. We are also beginning the sale of gardening equipment, seeds, and much more through our affiliate partnerships.

I got my worms from Ozark about two weeks ago and my worm bin is looking great! They were able to answer any questions I had and helped find what would work best for me.

Corbin Aaen

Ozark Worm Farms Customer
Why Worms?


Worms are a vital part of the natural world. They help break down organic waste into a product known as worm castings, vermicompost, or vermicast. Vermicast helps improve soil structure and porosity, acts as a pH buffer, aids in the proliferation of soil microbes, encourages vigorous root growth, and allows plants to more effectively utilize and retain nutrients


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We sell red wiggler composting worms that produce this rich material known as worm castings and are one of the leading producers in the state of Arkansas.